Lena Recollet

Performing artist & creative offering First Nations consultation services

From Performing Arts to Indigenous Consultation

Lena Recollet founded Assiginack Consulting with the commitment to provide a service inspired by the legacy of her ancestors. A descendant of Jean-Baptiste Assiginack from Wikwemikong a War Chief and an Oratory. Lena an educator, comedian and poet combines her talents to engage learners. The goal is to develop a reciprocal relationship and understand each client’s unique needs beginning with an assessment process for Cultural Awareness Training.

I have over 20 years of experience in facilitation, speaking and education combined with performing and visual arts. As a result of being multi-disciplinary, the ability to engage an audience is instinctual in the present moment. My experience varies from start up companies, non-profit organizations, events, conferences and institutions. Offering a range of services in the areas of guest speaking, education, performance, project management and creation of stories and art.

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Digital Indigenous Consultation

Call to Action 92: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission calls upon the corporate sector in Canada to adopt the United Nations Declaration Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a reconciliation framework and apply it’s principles, norms and standards to corporate policy and core operational activities involving Indigenous peoples and their lands and resources.

Public Speaking

Available for events, conferences and lectures. Topics range from representation of Indigenous peoples, land acknowledgements, financial literacy from a First Nations perspective and legacy. Feminism, motherhood and personal development from connection to culture and community.


Most recent performances have been poetry and comedy. Lena is an award winning artist of the Native American Music Awards and ImagineNative Film + Media Festival. Audio Visual music performances and art installations also available.


I have invited Lena to speak in several of my classes as a guest speaker. In those classes she shared her thoughts on topics including but not limited to: Indigenous feminism, mothering, Aboriginal history in Canada and Media representation. Lena is a prolific speaker and a dynamic individual who demonstrates a high level of enthusiasm and commitment to her work.She has mentored many people of diverse backgrounds and has an amazing ability to share her stories while at the same time inspiring and connecting with those around her. She engages students to think and reflect critically about their own narratives through the use of humour, passion and with an overall brilliance!

— Erica Neeganagwedgin, University of Toronto

Renaissance Woman

— Robin Burridge, Manitoulin Expositor




Toronto, ON


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